I am just getting started, and looking for cast and crew for a number of productions. My goal is to develop a compatible group of actors and crew who I can build productions around.

I plan to use my small studio for filmmaking, friend making, as a gallery, and as a photo studio.

I have a set of stories that I am planning to make into pilots. I am looking for a small core of professional actors to work on all of them. I would like to develop an ensemble that works well together. 

My goals are two-fold: to develop these stories and identify what might work best in a larger production, and to develop a group of actors who perform well together and can bring these stories -- and any others we may come up with -- to life. 

The latest technology gives us ways to do sketchbook kind of productions with high quality, and should let us take chances. If we end up with a nice sketch, then we'll consider doing it on canvas, with oils.

If you are interested in finding out more, send me a link to your resume or reel at info@DayAtTheBeachStudio.com.

Keith Patrick Mullins

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